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Brann V., Parent recherchant un profil de nounou à Schaerbeek (1030)

2 enfants, âge du plus jeune : Entre 3 et 6 ans

Mise à jour le: 25/07/2013

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Greek Nanny for Plasky Area with driving licence

We are looking for a Nanny who is ideally a Greek Native with a driving Licence. We have a 4 year old daughter who goes to school in the Jourdan Area(Etterbeek) and we live in the Plasky Area (Schaaerbeek). This would be to go and get our daughter everyday from school and stay with her home on wednesday. Sometimes also to pick up our baby from the creche. If possible also to do some cooking. Hours would be 15.30-19.00 on normal days and 11.45 -17.30 on Wednesdays. Some flexibility hours and days will be required. Please call or txt **** or mail ****

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